Patrick Ryan has been living and working in NYC for over twenty years. After receiving his Masters Degree from Fordham University and working for several years as a Psychotherapist, Patrick chose to pursue his life-long passion for art and design.

Possessing the knowledge and experience of a psychotherapist, he understands first hand that one of the most important activities in any successful project is listening closely to his clients. Through engaged conversation, active listening and artistic collaboration, each client influences the final look and feel of their own individual project.

Over the years Patrick has gained experience in product, furniture and interior design, as well as visual merchandising. His experience working in high end vintage furnishings has added to his deep knowledge and appreciation for the history of design.

This knowledge influences all of his work, whether he is creating custom furniture or working with a client to achieve an ideal interior environment tailored to their own refined aesthetic. In addition, a trade mark of Patrick’s work is the impression that each project has evolved naturally over time.

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