Patrick Ryan’s Office was established in 2012. Having been a practicing psychotherapist for ten years prior, Patrick understands the importance of establishing a working relationship based on trust. Through engaged conversation and active listening, he collaborates with clients to envision a project that both addresses their individual needs and conveys their own unique personalities.

Patrick takes a keen interest in how an environment influences emotion. In addition to beauty, he is equally concerned with the feeling or mood that a space elicits and enlivens his interiors with a sense of comfort and serenity. Through personalization and attention to detail, each Patrick Ryan’s Office project stands on it’s own as individual as the client themselves. Another trademark of his work is an eclectic mix that gives the impression each project has evolved naturally over time into a state of relaxed refinement.

In 2019, Patrick Ryan’s Office received the International Furnishing and Design Association’s New York Chapter Rising Star award for interior design.

In 2020 Patrick Ryan’s Office was selected to participate in the Kingston Design Connection’s third annual Kingston Design show house.